Don't Panic Computers

$50 Repairs (and only $50)

A guaranteed service that won't break your wallet after repairing your computer :)


My apologies but we do not repair cell phones at this time.


Why I Do What I Do
Growing up in the age where computers had just came into homes, i noticed that repairs were just "insanely" high and people were just paying as much for repairs as they paid for computers. To me, it's just wrong to charge people these high prices on something when you don't sweat doing it.  For years, the computer repair community has taken advantage of people and, make it or not, I don't do business that way.

What I Believe In
You get what you pay for or you don't pay at all: My father instilled in me this, do the job right or you don't get paid and that thought has stuck with me for as long as i can remember.

Knowing My Customers
Also, i don't believe in having faceless customers. Every customer i have goes into my personal phone and becomes a contact so, when you call me, i know who i am talking to and know we have already done business together.

Books & Their Covers
When you come to me, you're not coming to a place where the workers look like "geeks". I don't drive expensive cars, have big signs, or use're there for the work i do.


Virus and Ad-Ware Removal ($50)

Viruses will be with us as long as there are individuals seeking attention and have a destructive attitude and then there is ad(s) which can install themselves on your system even when you pass by them (on the web) and they are just as damaging (and carry other viruses) and can slow down and damage your system. I backup your data, if requested, and have a process that guarantees that, when you get your system back, it will be virus free.

Cracked LCD Replacements ($50)

How many times have you had someone step on, sit on, drive over, or drop your laptop and thought, "Oh man! That's it! It's over!" Well, it's not over :) What i do, that almost no one else does, is i prompt you to purchase your own part so you KNOW what you pay for it (No mark-ups on anyone's behalf). It's good to "know what you pay for", an honesty that many other businesses do not promote. Once you order it from Amazon (guaranteed returns with minimal hassle), it should arrive in 3-5 days if you are not an Amazon Prime member and 2-3 days if you are. Once i get the LCD, from you, I can have it installed in a couple of hours.

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Installation & Upgrades ($50)

Whenever you decide that you want to upgrade your operating system, i am ready to do the job. Usually i can get your old data backed up and the new Windows installed within a few hours (depending on how much old data you have) and have you ready to go with and upgraded Windows.

Apple Macbook / iMacs OS Install Upgrades & System Clean-Ups ($50)

Yes, i have (for years) worked on iMacs & Macbooks to install the latest software so if you're running an older OSX and want an upgrade or just want your old system cleaned out, I can do both in a few hours.

Linux Installations ($50)

While Linux isn't the main-stream of what i do, i still cover installations of software. Linux has so many flavors (different versions) that it's hard to keep up with what is what and most people i see stick to the most well known Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mint, ect.

Android & Ipad Tablet Resets / Clean-Ups / Unlocks

Have you noticed your iPad or Android tablet slowing down or acting funny? I clean it up, it's that simple. When you get a tablet, perhaps bought from someone else or at a pawn shop, and you need it unlocked for your use...I'm here to get it up and running.

Password Reset / Removal ($50)

Have you ever bought a laptop or computer only to find out the person/business that sold it to you left the password? Or perhaps you forgot your password or even your children (or even a friend) has changed your password? I can help you with that.

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